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Originally Posted by JohnnyWalker
Eep! Hope you get it sorted!

Speaking of the Bitmap Bros, what's happened to them?? It seems to me that after Eric Matthews became less involved (after Chaos Engine 1) they got pretty shit (never played Z though). Speedball 2000 was an AWFUL remake of the original.
After Chaos Engine, Dan Malone (gfx) left. After that Chaos Engine 2, without him, looked as good as Bitmap Brothers games before him - Xenon, Speedball (partly) - like crap. Dan wanted a carrer in comics, and ended up in computers, his style was akin to Simon Bisley and Glenn Fabry on the 2000ad UK mag - he says so much in an ol interview. If you notice both Simon and Glenn ended up doing covers for the Bitmap Brothers.

That guy was the responsible for the much legendary Bitmap Brother's metallic look. I even suspect a couple of games where the GFX credits were given to Mark Malone, are, well... hmm... not particularly reality based, let's call it that.

After Dan was gone the Bitmap Brothers games ended up looking as average as they did before his arrival (aldthough i'm pretty sure that wasn't the only reason for their meteoric downfall).

On their site there hasn't been a news update since 2002 and they haven't responded to emails. What was this WWII: Frontline Command mentioned on their site? Was it any good?
All their projects were cancelled and to be fully honest, the Bitmap Brothers are dead. Even some GBA ports never got released. It's probably all over for some time now. It's probably for the better, since by continously releasing shite they were merely beschmirching their own legacy.
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