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Big grin Retro Gaming

My recommendations for retrogaming :

For Dos games try DosBox (

I think IMHO it's the ultimate Dos Retro utility. The combatibility is great, and there is a large community, build around it. (And since it's open source, it might be ported to Classic Amiga OS or Morphos).

For Win 95/98 games, a dual boot system with WinMe and XP is great. Although WinMe is infamous for it's instabillity, it is very compatible with newer hardware, and I found out that it's great way to play 98/99 games. And if you like to play Glide games, some very good Glide Wrappers:

dgVoodoo ( and Zeckensack's Glide Wrapper (

I used the above software configuration on a PIV 2,4 , with 1 GB memory, and an 6600GT video card. Since I do not have a lot of space in my house, to build a dedicated retro machine, I use one machine for gaming, with multiple software configurations.

Now some remakes:

Knyte Time

A Bards Tale inspired game :

A much updated Doom :

Gl Frontier

GL Frontier First Encounters :

Last but not least, for anything about retro remaking
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