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I'm sorry if this is nonsense for you but I need to say it:

Since we have nice graphic tablets and nice gfx applications designed for them, pixel drawing is considered as madness. In my opinion it's an old but distinctive method of making graphics and it can never die. With the invention of photography many expected that the painting was going to die but that didn't happen because painting had distinctive features that photography did not have.

In pixel drawing you are in control of even the smallest unit that can be modified and while drawing with a digital tablet you can hardly avoid <put your favourite gfx application here> ish look unless you work with a sinle pixel brush.

For example, you are stuck with the brushes photoshop offers. Surely you can create your own brushes but they feel and act just the same way the default ones do. Corel Painter's purpose is to simulate natural media for example, because of this we have lots of oil painting-ish looking digital images today. I'm not against it, actually I favor it but right tools should be used on right purposes and if you are going to draw a sprite for a game such as this, you have to work as detailed as possible.
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