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[quote=sarek2k]@Adropac ahhhhh you have one of those drives that won't read dvd + guess what m8 mine dosent either so you must have a samsung drive or at very least 1 of the other 2 either a phillips or a thompson i said before this would come up as an issue
have you got a dvd burner m8??? if so clone/nero an image of the dvdr and re-burn said image to a dvd+rw they will work on a samsung drive it's just dvdr+ that don't!
of course dvdr- is allways better the one that won the format war

Actually i don't have this dvd but i did want to offer a method to hopefully getting it to work for Magnox.I can understand why you thought that i had it though , should have worded it differently.

DVD + R can work for Xbox well well.
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