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@Adropac ahhhhh you have one of those drives that won't read dvd + guess what m8 mine dosent either so you must have a samsung drive or at very least 1 of the other 2 either a phillips or a thompson i said before this would come up as an issue!

have you got a dvd burner m8??? if so clone/nero an image of the dvdr and re-burn said image to a dvd+rw they will work on a samsung drive it's just dvdr+ that don't!
of course dvdr- is allways better the one that won the format war

A Tip for all senders of the DVD please try to stick to DVDR- they are far more compatible than DVDR+

@Jabsy can you please PM your addy cause i've heard nothing back from rattus i'll get you a copy in the post (my fave air pavion) and then when he contacts me again i'll send him on to you!

Also can other memebers of EAB who have recieved this dvd other than myself, synchro and MSC please stepup and offer to send out a copy or two thanks guys!
(of course i may have missed a few who have sent out to someone else without my knowing or noticing )

finally can some of you please try cd32 iso version of IK+ on xbox cause i can't get it working screen goes blank for ages and nothing happens thanks guys!
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