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Originally Posted by magnox
Yeah I've got it softmodded synchro, I had an xbox before but got rid of it because I didnt play it much, but now have a good excuse to play it

Speaking of which MSC was very kind enough to send me one through, runs on the pc fine but on my softmodded xbox it wont boot or run, it sees the disc directory structure in file manager but if you look deeper in the various folders on the disc they all just look garbled instead of proper filenames, I tried running the default.xbe file manually to see if it would load via that but had no joy either. The disc I recieved from MSC was a dvd+R all my other emulator discs for the xbox are on DVD-R's and they seem to be fine. Help, please can anyone offer any suggestions. BTW synchro cool DVD
Iv'e never managed to get a DVD + R to work on any of my Xbox's as it simply doesn't recognise them it seems.I should just copy the dvd again onto a DVD - R.
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