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Remember guys. we are all different so we all have our own ideas of what games are under/over-rated.. what is good/crap etc..

Just because Minuous doesn't like certain games doesn't mean they are crap or over-rated, and it also doesn't mean that others wont like them.
I wasn't trying to offend anyone. Except maybe the designers of those games :-) Of course they are somewhat better in a technical sense than what I could have coded myself back then, so kudos to the programmers of them. I was just giving a personal opinion, I know that my gaming tastes might be considered a bit warped, after all I still play quite a few TRS-80 and Emerson Arcadia 2001 games :-) Such as Killer Gorilla :-) I wonder if he named himself after that game?

To generalize: I tend to like 80s games more than 90s games for some reason, not sure why, they just tended to be more fun. With some notable exceptions like Zeewolf 1&2, WipeOut 2097, Rise of the Robots (5%? AP surely must have been joking!!), All Terrain Racing, etc.

(I know someone is going to ask me why I like Rise of the Robots: the graphics are lush, even by modern standards, both in static quality and in smoothness of animation. It's quite fun to play. It was HD-installable which most games weren't back then. It had a rather cool intro. There was an AGA version available, at a time when not all games had AGA versions. The only negative aspects of it are that the music is awful, and the high kick is too good. But if you forbid yourself from using the high kick it is quite playable. Of course it was somewhat overpriced too ($A120 for the AGA version), but then so are many games, and you did get 14 disks! which was about $A35 worth of blank disks at retail at the time. The AP reviewers seemed to think that if it wasn't just the same as Mortal Kombat that it was no good. I seem to recall one of their complaints being that you couldn't rip out the other robot's spines!? What a stupid comment to make. Of course you can't, they are robots! And it would add very little to the game even if you could, after all the fight is over by the time you can do 'fatalities'. My respect for AP went down considerably after reading that review. If someone patched the high kick to make it a bit less powerful, it would really shine.)

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