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Originally Posted by Minuous
Come on, you're not really going to try to tell me you like that Vulcan crap are you? Even the reviewers admitted it was crap once the good games started coming through again...
Ive gotta agree there!. Valhalla was not a bad little game and i found the speech quite amusing, but yeah i didnt get into any of thier other games at all!!.. And although Genetic Species ( which i loved ) came from Vulcan, it was produced by Marble Eyes, hence the better quality.

Didnt they make that Hillsea Lido crap though and also one of the most pathetic games ive ever played which was "Burnout".. that game had some great AGA looking graphics but it had about as much gameplay as Dragons Lair smoking a bong!... It was complete and utter crap!!.

Originally Posted by Minuous
Zool (& Superfrog) are actually probably the best games out of those I mentioned here.
I thoroughly enjoyed Superfrog when it came out, but Zool left me scatching my head and thinking ???... Didnt like it at all.

Originally Posted by Minuous
No, still waiting for Kaillera to be finished. But most games that allow simultaneous 2-player mode are better in that mode, it doesn't really prove anything to say this. So it might be alright in 2p mode but not in 1p mode, whereas a lot of other games (eg. Turbo, Firepower, Gauntlet 2, Stunt Car Racer etc.) are fun in either mode. The only game I would say is crap in 1p mode but great for 2p is Vectorball, this is because the controls are not very good, playing with 2p means this problem affects both players equally, restoring game balance.
Well i consider Worms to have been made almost primarily as a 2 player game. It does have single player as you mention, but i think Team 17's intentions were mostly for the 2 player option. But yeah that have been some absolutely lovely games with 1 & 2 player options that have been brilliant to play in either mode as you said.. your right in that regard
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