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Ya' like it Retr0?
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over rated Amiga games.... yeah i can think a few

GLOOM: > complete let down and in no way equal to DOOM
1 poor level design
2 poor graphics
3 dire sound / music *

( *if it wanst lifted from aliens or doom it was banged out in a garage )

Brethless: > what an earth were they thinking????
1 Cracktros had better 3d elements in them
2 Huge unfinished feel to the game
3 Buggy and likely to crash often

Quake060: > even with 060 power and CV643D gfx, its a pig!
1 its Frames per minute not second*
2 All of the yummy but no delivery,... like a strip tease
3 interface was slow (could be coz poor frame rate)

*even in 320x240 paltry 12fps, Imagine renders faster!!!!!

Wonderboy: > Nothing like the arcade!!!!!!!
1 the levels are too quick and easy
2 colours are out
3 enemies arnt the same!!!

R-Type: > WTF were they thinking, did they even play the arcade game?
1 that dont look that much like r-type
2 hmm levels not right
3 errr bosses are suposed to be bigger and HARDER
4 thats some sh*t scrolling
5 HELLO enemies have attack patterns!!!!!!
6 I could go on and on *

* but i would be banned for flooding this post!!!!

MI 2025: OMFG!!!! i thought i left 8 bit crap behind on the binotone
1 this game is dire beyond the word could portray.
2 wheres the level designer at? out on holiday ?
3 its harder to play simon says console thingy
4 How anyone could compare it to Flashback!?!?!??!?!?!

may edit later... but these games stick in my mind more
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