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@Macca what have you got left out of this lot which was your original plan!

It's going to include Gamebase64 v3, every Zzap 64 / Commodore Format + Megatapes ever made (all in PDF format with .tap files for the megatapes and D64's, etc) plus a few more CD's (Kerr Avon, etc.)
I still have the graphics m8 as far as i know they only potential prob is the font i used in your logo if indeed it was a font can't remeber now!

Also how big is each Zzap64 issue etc as a .pdf and will they not compress down with winrar etc????

No matter what you have m8 we'll all help here if u need anything else i have tones of d64 files / sids etc as i am sure many others here have u need owt just ask

Also we'll all help distribute your dvd when it's done like we have with Synchro's Ace Amiga Tribute II dvd i've sent that all over the place and still havent finished yet )

Just got australia to do
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