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Originally Posted by galu
Of course, but many modern, very powerful phones supoport only Java - for example Sony Ericsson models (W8xx, K7xx). Not without a reason.
The phones you describe are far away from being "powerfull" ... they are only powerfull in specific tasks, like camera/mp3 decoding/etc, hardcoded functions on their DSP's... they are not intended for general use and can never give the user/programmer the freedom to code whatever he likes, he must always make comprimises to use only the functions available to the phone...
nothing, _nothing_ can beat an OS driven device, be it Symbian, PocketWin, etc... java is just a cheap addon (by cheap I do not mean bad or lame) for phones and a simple way to create simple apps and good enough games for the masses without having to spend much money on development/tools...
some exotic and demanding apps will never get to OS-app quality, even this gameboy emu (is it vboy?) will never reach an OS-app quality (vboy.symbian... )
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