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Originally Posted by keropi
maybe because the java virtual machine used in mobiles lacks the abillity to control the sound hardware, and uses just some predefined commands to play midi/wav-amr files...
But there are - for example - java mp3 players, so this should not be problem.
Originally Posted by keropi
also think of that: how would you be able to choose mod files? they should be inside the JAR , meaning u would have to make manually a jar for each mod or a couple of them...
There is a java Gameboy emulator that requires to create a JAR archive (including emulator + selection of games ROMs) on PC using a simple script or even simple frontend. When launching an emulator applet/midlet/whatever on your phone, you choose ROMs from a menu. So this is also not a problem.
Originally Posted by keropi
symbian/smartphones use C++ as a programming language, that gives much more flexibillity to good programmers...
Of course, but many modern, very powerful phones supoport only Java - for example Sony Ericsson models (W8xx, K7xx). Not without a reason.

Well... is there a desktop module player in JAVA? Or java/javascript thingy for use on a website? I suppose that there isn't ...
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