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yeah, sorry about the lame-assed download speed guys, it's because I am the only seeder and like 30+ people are trying to download them from me all at the same time.

On top of that, I can only spare to upload at 50kbps, so its gonna be a week or so before you get anywhere near a decent download speed.

Even than it might be crap if nobody seeds!

In case anybody missed it, the password for Volume 3 is:


Volumes 1 & 2 are not passworded.

If you want to see the video sampler of Volume 3 there a crappy jerky lo-res googlevid here:

(This was a WIP made before it was fully complete)
It features the DVD Intro, A couple of menus and a clip from my favourite demo on there (Technological Death by the Mad Elks)

Have Phun!


The content list for volume 2 =

Alien - Scoopex
Brainstate in a Box - Cryptoburners
Desert Dream - Kefrens
Enigma - Phenomena
Extension - Pygmy Projects
Fruit Kitchen - Silents
Full Moon - Virtual Dreams / Fairlight
Goa - The Black Lotus
Hardwired - Crionics / Silents
Love - Virtual Dreams / fairlight
Makaveli - Essence
Megademo II - Budbrain
Mental Hangover - Scoopex
Miracles - Stellar
Mobile Destination Unknown - Spaceballs
No Name - Polka Brothers
Parallax - Zif
Sound / Vision - Reflect
Sumea - Virtual Dreams / fairlight
Television - Bizarre Arts
Tint - The Black Lotus
Traffic - Mystic
Wayfarer - Spaceballs
World of Commodore - Sanity

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