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What can I say? What an absolutely brilliant piece of work!

I can only speak for the PC side as I don’t have a modded XBOX, but I’d imagine they’re fairly similar.

This DVD is like a time warp back to the early nineties and it runs straight from the disk – no need to install anything. You can quite literally pop this DVD in your pocket, walk up to any PC/modded xbox and give someone a quick insight into what the Amiga was all about within a few seconds. Brilliant! For that alone it’s worth having.

The menu system and presentation is A* and the content manages to strike great balance between running ADFs, automatically launching straight into games and allowing the user to execute WHDload titles from the workbench. Like I said above, an all round Amiga experience, especially useful if you want to show kids what we grew up with without boring them with the technical side of setting everything up.

Adding the links is a very nice touch, as too is linking to Amiga Forever.

Congratulations Synchro, you have created a great project and I hope you’re proud of all your hard work! To make it compatible on TWO different formats was just spoiling us however! The long wait was definitely worth it!

I can see some area’s that can be improved, updated and made to work better for the classic workbench setups (version 2 perhaps), but overall as it currently stands it does pretty much what it needs to give the user a stress free ride into the Amiga world.

Well done!
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