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Originally Posted by Bloodwych
For most MP3's, variable bit rates (VBR) have the best of both worlds - small size due to increasing/decreasing bitrates as required.

All my mp3's are in VBR (variable bit rate) "alt preset standard" setting using a recommended lame build from They can go as high as the max 320kbps if necessary and right down to the min at silent parts.
Yeah, I totally agree with this. I've recently been re-encoding some of my CD collection and have been using the 32Kbps min -> 320Kbps max VBR setting with the LAME encoder. The file size of a full 74min album is only about 5mb bigger than a 192Kbps file but with the benefit of the full 320kbps sound quality.

ChrisNZ: Fantastic site by the way man. Excellent design and functionality.

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