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Amiga Demos DVD - Volume 1

This was my first attempt at making a demo DVD, and features my favourite demos of all time.

People have mentioned the MindCandy project and the similarities, but I must stress that Mindcandy was in no way my inspiration for this.
I actually did something similar to this back in the mid-nineties on VHS, so the seed of the idea was planted LONG before Mindcandy was even thought about.

And anyway, this is free!

These demos were all captured from a real Amiga 1200 via an external MPEG encoder.

The actual size of the DVD would have been over 10Gigs without cutting down on the quality of the demos!!

The Demos will all play concurrently, so you can just start the first one from the menu, then leave it to run through them all.

The menu is pretty basic, and the music on the menu is at quite a loud level compared to the demos.

That little niggle aside, I was quite pleased with the outcome, and the quality of the demos didn't suffer that much.
(thanks to DVD Shrink 3.2!)

This image is best burnt at speeds of 4x or lower, otherwise you may get video stutter.

Anyway, enjoy this nostalgic look back at the vibrant Amiga Demo scene.

Hope you enjoy this effort, and look out for my other productions.


9 Fingers - Spaceballs
Aphrodisae - Haujobb
Arte - Sanity
Authentik - Skarla
Braincell - Union
Cyberlogik - Sector 7
Explorer - Delight
Friday at 8 - Polka Brothers
Jesus on Cheese - SHITTS
Man on the Moon - Faculty
Mindabuse - Limited Edition
Mindflow - Stellar
Napalm - Floppy
Nexus 7 - Andromeda
Paradisio - Drifters
Radiation - Vertical Syndicate
Reflexity - Sector 7
Rise - TRSI
Roots 2 - Sanity
Symbolia - Access
Synergy - Sector 7
The Breath of the Muse - Chrysis & Poseidon
The Prey - Polka Brothers
Wit Premium - Freezers

Total running time = 110 mins.

The Amiga will NEVER die!

Amiga Demos DVD - Volume 2

This is the second installment of my Amiga Demo DVD trilogy.

It offers some aesthetic improvements on the menus, namely the motion menus.

Again, this image is best burned at speeds of 4x or lower.

Running time = 144 mins.

Hope you enjoy this nostalgic look back at the Amiga Demo scene in its heyday.


Enjoy, if you wait a few days the download speed might be faster
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