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Although I have never been a platform gamer, in all truth a genere that nearly bored me to death. however there are a couple of things and more specifically games that ment a lot to me.

If anything I would look to those game that inspire or overplayed wayback in the 80's/90's

for me.

Altered Beast
Ghosts and Gouls
Home Computers:
Super Frog,
Zool (bit tooo much eye candy lol)
Rainbow Islands
Cool Spot
Echo the dolphin (a good twist, reminded me of Airwolf on the C64)
Reviewing this list the one thing that draws me to a conclusion is sprite animation and from that when a character is idle it still has some animation, I have found that this small inclusion seems to set a game away from the pack and is more noticed

Sprite collision
A technique that was re-engineered manytimes over when i wrote programs on the Amiga was to use the Blit Bitmap Mask as a collision detection method. you could in practice use the masking plane as such on a pc, ( worked quite well on my last OGL project )
Anyways cool idea, anyway I can help, let me know

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