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Originally Posted by Paul
I give up with this Torrent stuff

Ah now I's only downloading at 20k - 33k (but, I've got 8MB Broadband)
Originally Posted by DamienD
I agreed with you Paul, hate torrents with a passion

I also have an 8MB ADSL connection. Torrents are slow as, not to mention the whole seeding bullshite
The whole seeding bullshite attitude is why it doesn't work!!!

Whats your upload rate on 8mb connection??

If its anything like mine (1.5/256), it would take 8 people, with 8mb connections, seeding at full load (1mb i guess) just to let you download at 8mb!!! plus another 8 for the other guy?

Torrents don't work like other p2p, (emule, kazza whatever!)
everyone has to share what they have download as they download it, i don't understand it to be honest!!!

This DVD...i am generally sharing at twice the speed i'm downloading!
Not fair! but better to try and help others!
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