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Originally Posted by mcbpete
Sorry man, I'll have to pick you up with that one but 128kbps is WAAAAY below CD quality. 320kbps is closer but still not actually cd quality (which is actually around 1400kbps) but probably overkill for this project. A happy comprimise between quality and file size is probably around 192kbps (although if you have 'super high quality equiptment' 256kbps is generally preferable)
Ya, sorry. I guess it was becasue many programs when you select the bit rate put 128 as cd quality..... I think even windows media player states that.

128kb vbr I use. I still have my bandwidth and space to think of...

........ HQ sample for ya!

Well here is the best I can do, however its 1 track and over 7mb....
vbr 256-320kbs average is 286kbs..

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