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Well posting here and on another forum does take up an insane amount of my free time. And when I do play it's usually only briefly Amiga games.

I read about the database with double barrel screenshots which sounds interesting. I'm just trying to keep up with all the games I download (Yes I have the disease). And before writing them to CD I want to have 3 screenshots for each of them plus my own comment on how to make the game work. I know that there's information readily available for this, but seeing as it's mostly concerned with WinUAE I'm trying for myself becuase I mainly use Winfellow.

So most of my gaming time is spent with Clipmate running in the background snapping pictures of games then exiting and saving the pictures and creating HTMLs for the game before moving on to the next one. Thus I spend a lot of time playing I still don't really get to play through a game because I need to move on.

Sad really. I ought to take a break and find one of the games I really liked and just dedicate a day's gaming on that.
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