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BIRDY! Watch out! What the cartridge will allow you to, is play IMPORT games in your Saturn, NOT copied games. If you were looking for a CDR mod, a cart won't do it (if they tell you it does, they are blatantly LYING). If your Saturn is of the new type (round power and reset buttons, not oval ones) then you might be able to find a 21-pin modchip to play CDRs. If you have an ole model (like me) you are, basically, fucked :P

If you were just looking for country lock modification, the cart will do. You could get an Action Replay 5 in 1 (extra memory + import player + cheats, you will NEED the extra memory thing for some games. Make sure the cart has extra memory for playing games like XMen vs Street Fighter, and that the RAm si not just for savegames. Ask before buying), but they are kind of rare and cost around 50 dollars, though there are clones. The other option is installing a country switch mod in your Saturn, for around the same cash as an Action Replay or less, and much more reliable.

If you need any help, ask me and I'll try to give ya a hand

Getting back on topic, that's one helluva fucking sweet deal. Though these Dreamcasts cannot play copied games, to teh pirates discontent. I'll prolly get one, its mega cheap man! and ive been wanting a dreamcast for long, and i dont feel like springing 260 dollars for buying one locally (bloody thieves)

finally, Fred... You look for one but you never get one, lazzyarse. eBay is chockful of unloved un wanted saturns
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