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How foten do you play a game on the Amiga ?

Ok, guys, lately I realized that I spend more and more time reading messages on messageboard, playing around with Commodore hardware and writing emails about something.

Although all this is related to Amiga & C64 ( especially games ), I have less and less time for actually playing the games than I had before !
I would say now I actually spend not more than 3 hours per week playing computergames ( that is most of it Amiga games and some C64 games ). But I played a lot more some years ago !

Now, when I look here how many messaged get posted every day which have to do about Amiga games, I assume you guys also spend more time talking about games than playing them ?

So, I think I will spend more time playing from now on and less time on various C64 & Amiga messageboards.

What about you ? How ooften and how long do you actually play all the nice Amiga games ?
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