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I played morrowind + expansions many times (pc version). The original game is VERY lacking, I mean how many animals does one want to kill? Even the daedra are all wimps (why oh why didn't they put a deadra lord into the game?) Still it's fun to hunt for artifacts and try out all the mods (the mods make the game great), or even make your own. The bloodmoon expansion was a lot of fun, but far too short. Same goes for the Tribunal expansion actually.

Me, I prefer Daggerfall (completed it like 16 times...). It had shit graphics and was loaded with crash bugs (fixsave tool required, or else you can't even finish the game), but there was something about it that just yelled COOL. Maybe the fact that you could turn into a vampire or a werewolf, or that you could be a filthy thief, or just the general story which was pretty good. All that is possible in Morrowind + expansions... but it's just not the same

Well, I'm upgrading my pc in the near future, so then it's on to Oblivion
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