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you know i caught this thread / post again, and i had to respond.

since my last update this is my amigas as follows:

Pure Zorro implementation:

A1200 + 3.1 Rom

Micronik 686 Rv.6 Zorro / Pci bus board
Cybervision 64/3d II
XSurf 2 Ethernet Network Tbase 10
Multiface 3 (fast Serial + Parrallel)
Prelude Sound Card
Onboard Micronik SCSI U2W Adapter
Cyberstorm MKII 060 + 128MB Ram

2x9GB U2W SCSI Disk (18GB)

Micronik Tower (+ extra 5/14 bays)


Amiga PCI implementation:

A1200 + 3.1 Rom

Apollo 060 @66 + 64MB Ram

Z4 Winner Bus-board
HC4000 + 8 SCSI U2W ( + 8MB Ram )
Z4 PCI Mediator
Vodoo 5500 64MB
Creative Sound 1024 Player (+ live drive)
Realtek 10/100 Network Card
Generic TV tuner / capture card
2 x 9GB U2W SCSI HDD (18GB)

When only i get the time and get them outa storage...

soom my amiga brethern.... soon...

and as with the force there is another.... but thats another project.... (when complete I will post on EAB first ... its pretty cool i promise you.... )

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