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Originally Posted by ChrisNZ
No the samples (Streams) are low quality 64kbs, so of course they dont sound good. Its to keep the buffer times down and gives users a preview before downloading. Listen to a downloaded file VS the sample you'll see what I mean.

Sorry I'm no sound expert, but 128kbs is CD qaulity correct? I mean I could try 200Kbs 48htz+ , studio & hollywood dobly qaulity etc etc. I think (personaly), again im not a expert, 128kbs sounds ok to my ears. So I say thats high qaulity Vs 64kbs Mono? And it gives ok file sizes. Under 1mb / sec. The old debate file size Vs quality.

Listen to some of the tunes Vs the original with headphones. Its pretty close I think I admit some are better that others. Its file size Vs qaulity and banwidth.

Thank you for the tips tho. On a limited time scale, what do you recommend I record these tunes as. Keeping in mind the file size ?
Did not listen to that stream sorry, I've downloaded a few of the 128kbit mp3.
128kbit CBR encoded streams should be enough, and it is not the problem off the bitrate in my opinion. The recording seems to be to low quality, so the endresult is not so good. I can hear Noise everywhere, wich tells me that the source stream was bad recorded, some timeing problems included. PErhabs the problem is the replayer itself, on the Agony Intro Sound it seems that you used a kind of Stereo Spreader, Surround or call it whatever technique for Recording. perhabs it is better to record only Mono First without Stereo Seperation at all, no FX. Perhabs the WAV is better then so you can use some Equilizer, Exiter or Whatever to warm the sound up. Mono Is even better for listening than those extreme Stereo thing.
And do you use Lame as mp3 encoder or what do you use for doing mp3?

Hm... I test it for myself now on the Agony intro, for comparing reasons. Something is really strange....
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