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Originally Posted by Psycreator[mds]
Ok checked your site Chris, but do yourself a favour. When you talk about high quality mp3, then do high quality mp3.
The Idea is not that bad between. But quality...

I do not hope you recorded direct from the Amiga Audio Outputs, and if yes, even then it could be done better.

As far as I know any PC Mod player can render Modules to a WAV or AIFF stream, if you use an Amiga for playing, the Protracker Modules could be renderd to higher quality with DigiboosterPro for example.
If you want to use a real Amiga wich should be recorded realtime, try to warm the sound a little bit up by using a real Analog Mixing desk before you put the stream to a PC Soundcard.
The streams on your website are mostly 128kbit mp3 ok... but seems you recorded from a audiotape, or you did to much denoise to a final WAV stream, both will do heavy unregular dephasing in the final mix.
You should record normal in 16bit 44,1khz, perhabs only a little bit Bandpass filtering to minimise critical noise, the rest should stay as it is. Recording in 24bit makes no sense, course quantising noise from downsampling to 16bit will only make the sound even worster, better stay 16bit and good.
But best way would be recording over a PC Module player, there the algorithms for bit quantsing from 8 to 16bit are good enough for good quality of course.

Sorry did not find any information on your site how you did the mp3, let us know perhabs we can help you more for "high quality"

No the samples (Streams) are low quality 64kbs, so of course they dont sound good. Its to keep the buffer times down and gives users a preview before downloading. Listen to a downloaded file VS the sample you'll see what I mean.

Sorry I'm no sound expert, but 128kbs is CD qaulity correct? I mean I could try 200Kbs 48htz+ , studio & hollywood dobly qaulity etc etc. I think (personaly), again im not a expert, 128kbs sounds ok to my ears. So I say thats high qaulity Vs 64kbs Mono? And it gives ok file sizes. Under 1mb / sec. The old debate file size Vs quality.

Listen to some of the tunes Vs the original with headphones. Its pretty close I think I admit some are better that others. Its file size Vs qaulity and banwidth.

Thank you for the tips tho. On a limited time scale, what do you recommend I record these tunes as. Keeping in mind the file size ?

Edit: Samples

Hi for a good example download any tracks here in Lotus 2 (above link) and review the sound qaulity. This is my latest update. The qaulity I think most people will find 100% acceptable.

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