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Originally Posted by alexh
Nice site, but I honestly dont see the point

Deliplayer (or UADE) together with Exotica is the better way to go.

No your right, but not every one wants to be searching for trackers etc to play the songs. For example, trying to play wings? Not everone is into mod files, delitracker etc. My site is aimed at people just looking for a few tunes to stream and download and play without spending hours searching for the correct prog to play it.

Mp3 format is easy and nowdays, stereo and car stereos to play mp3s too.

Main reason, how do you stream the orignals on a website? If you know please let me know

Sure you could have hundreds of mod files for a few mp3s. But since most ppl dont have 1 gig is not really an issue?

Bah anyway there are always ones out there to knock down ones efforts.

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