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Another Amiga Demo DVD

You can grab this DVD OldSkool Amiga Scene Demo DVDat piratebay

Collection of classic OCS Amiga Demos presented on DVD.

Archive is password protected.

Password is only available from J.Tramiel on the forums at

Running time is just short of 3 hours.
OK Amiga Demo Scene fans...

Some notes on this release:

The demo 'Total Triple Trouble' goes a bit funny on one of the copper effects, it just didn't agree with my MPEG encoder. And one of the other demos goes funny for a split second, apart from that they all encoded pretty fine.

Dont play this DVD on a monaural TV as it has the original Amiga style 4 channel audio.

This is best viewed on a standard TV (not PC monitor or LCD/Plasma screen) just as the original Amiga was intended to be viewed.

It features nice motion menus with music from classic Amiga games on each.

The demos will play concurrently, so you can select to play the first one, then leave it to run through them all if you want.

This is actually my 3rd DVD creation, I may put the other 2 up for D/L if this is well received.

The DVD contains the following 22 demos (giving a running time just short of 3 hours)

Total Triple Trouble - Rebels
The Hunt For 7th October - Cryptoburners
System Violation - Anarchy
Decaying Paradise - Andromeda
Sunrise - Angels
Despair - LSD
Ray of Hope 2 - Majic 12
Infinite Dreams - Paradise
Alfa Omega - Pure Metal Coders
Voyage - Razor 1911
Boombastic Style - Rebels
Elysium - Sanity
Spasmolytic - Spaceballs
Global Trash - The Silents
3D Demo II - Anarchy
Zyclonium - Parasite
D.O.S. - Andromeda
Hardcore - Anarchy
SOS - Melon Dezign
Technological Death - Mad Elks
Crash Test - Cryptoburners
Pha Q - Scoopex

Have fun!

The password can be found under comments (the same place as the second quote )
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