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Tribute II DVD - Quirks and help.

I thought it would be useful to have a thread for anyone having problems with certain sections of Synchro`s wonderful DVD. I know we have an FAQ, but as i have found, running from the DVD drive can present other problems. It can also be used as feedback for future projects. If any issues are all in one place, they will be easy to find.

Heres a few of things i have found so far.

Classic WB.

Sychro has kindly provided loads of HD games to run from ClassicWB. Some use a TopazPatch which prevents Skidmarks 2 from launching. This is a known issue and is fixed in the newer Classic WB versions. This is not a problem as there is a runner for this game on the front end.

Skidmarks 2. Once loaded, it tends to run fast. i have found that for an accurate game speed, turn JIT off and select "adjustable between cpu & chipset", leaving the sliders where they are. For me this is perfect

HD Games via Classic WB
The configs are set up with JIT enabled to allow speed for WB. Some HD games do not work well with JIT, either not loading or running way too fast (try Bubble Bobble with JIT enabled ).
If your having problems, turn JIT off. Your game will load slower, but will probably work.

Running from DVD Drive
The WHDload version of Cannon Fodder takes an absolute age to load. (After 5 mins i reset). However, once the WHDload registration message appears, turn JIT off and the game loads as quick as you would expect. This one had me baffled a while. I replicated this with 2 disks, 2 DVD drives and from my virtual DVD drive. In summary, turning JIT off makes this game load faster from the DVD!. This does not occur when playing from a PC hard drive. - Very strange.

I have since found that the larger games where the install loads a lot of the game into memory seem to suffer the most.

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