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SDK Browser v1.5.0.0 (SPECIAL FREEWARE VERSION) released!

"BITbyBIT Software Group LLC is proud to announce the immediate release of a special new FREEWARE version of the highly popular SDK Browser program.

The SDK Browser v1.5.0.0 FREEWARE release provides a score of new powerful features over the previous SHAREWARE release of v1.0.0.0.

Including a fully multitasking search bar, browsable rotating history, double-click on any displayed text to automatically perform a quick function lookup or to copy the keyword into the search bar, and much more. Not to mention fully updated to support the latest AmigaOS4(tm) SDK and new features (like better mouse-wheel support) introduced in Update #4 of AmigaOS4(tm).

To download The SDK Browser v1.5.0.0 FREEWARE version or find out more about the program or the rest of AVD, please go to the website at:

Best Regards,
Jamie Krueger"

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