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Originally Posted by blade002
So my question to ANYONE on here running an A1200 with the same card as myself with kickstart 3.1 roms running 3.0 is what is what Startup-Sequence do "you" use to get Blizkick working properly?.

And are you supposed to remove the Jumper on the Accelerator? or do you just leave it there or swap it to the other 2 pins?.
Yes I use Blizkick on Blizzard 1230 IV 030/50 to run ks3.1 instead of ks3.0.
As Patrik says make sure the board is set to enable maprom. One of the jumpers is for maprom, the other jumper is for memory speed. If I remember correctly leave J1 open to enable maprom.
One way to tell if maprom is working is by looking at how much fast mem you've got in workbench. If it's 512K less than you expected chances are the machine's rom has indeed been mapped to ram and you're ready to try blizkick. Open up a shell and try

C:blizKick kickstart4068

This assumes the blizkick command is in C: and your kickstart 3.1 file is in DEVS:kickstarts and is called kickstart4068
The amiga will reboot. When workbench comes back up open a shell and type "version" which will display the kickstart and workbench versions. If Kickstart reads 40.68 then you're running kickstart v3.1

The blizkick documentation is really clear and well written. Give it another read.
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