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I run OS 3.9 on my A1200 with KS3.0 and Blizzard 1230/IV 16Mb (map rom mast be enabled).
My first 6 lines of startup-sequence are:

Version >NIL: exec.library 40
if warn
Blizkick KICKFILE=Devs/Kickstarts/KICK40068.A1200 MODULE Devs/Modules/RomFixes Devs/Modules/FixMath404 FORCE HOGWAITBLIT SPEEDROM QUIET


SetPatch QUIET

(blizkick command above is in one single line)

Switching on the system boots and only the first time it immediately auto-reboots, then I'll have the Kickstart 3.1 (v40.68) running and this allows me to use OS 3.9.

It requires Kickstart 3.1 image and blizkick with modules properly installed.

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