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Arrow Adventuring

S4murai, thanks for clearing up some things. There is also an adventure game I almost forgot: Psygnosis’ Obitus. I am sure this is not a point ‘n’ click adventure because I've never played it.

Akira, I think the Goblins trilogy are more a puzzle than an adventure. The games consists of levels one has to solve. Since I am not good in puzzles I erased the first Goblins after a few goes. Shame on me.
I have finished Operation Stealth once with a walkthrough by hand. (I am also not good at Adventuring). This game has so many different subgames that it is more a mix of gamingstyles than a pure adventure. It is a great adventure like they don’t make them anymore. Pity the ingame speech cannot be turned off.

I have also a question: in the last issues of Amiga Format in 1999/2000 there was a walkthrough of an adventure game that was released the very same year. It looked very impressive. Anyone knows the title?
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