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Originally Posted by musashi5150
Don't see many V6 Cavs anymore - Your Astra should fly with that in!

I've got a Mk3 Golf GTI, which is fine for a commuter vehicle, but I'd like something fast like a Mitsubishi 3000GT or a Nissan 300ZX to play with too. But I can't afford to fuel them as commuter cars - which is why I was wondering about multi-vehicle policies...

Anyway, this is OT so we are bound to get into trouble now

I used to kill 3oooGTO's and 300Z's in my 320BHP Cavalier Turbo.

I'm doing the conversion myself, then when I get bored of that, I'll go buy an Omega 3.0 V6 and put that in.

In an Astra it will be AWESOME!

Back on topic, there was a util released years ago that redirected all generic calls to the system to draw and plot graphics and enabled them to go through the video card. If however they were system compliant only for loading data but didn't use the system for drawing then there is nothing you can do.
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