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Blizkick Command

Ive tried going through the Blizkick Documentation again tonight and i used a command he recommended for the Blizzard 030 III in the startup-sequence. Upon trying to reboot though, it gave me a failed return code 10.

I actually have a Blizzard 1230 IV 030/50 and not the III, but its the only that even comes close to configs you can use in the docs.

So my question to ANYONE on here running an A1200 with the same card as myself with kickstart 3.1 roms running 3.0 is what is what Startup-Sequence do "you" use to get Blizkick working properly?.

And are you supposed to remove the Jumper on the Accelerator? or do you just leave it there or swap it to the other 2 pins?.

I intend to update to 3.9 workbench after i get blizkick working.

I have had one problem solved about the HD tonight, to solve this one would be a HUGE
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