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There can only be one... well one good one.

I doubt there isn't a BASIC I have not programmed in over the last 20 or so years...

*ahem, I'm not that old *

The best BASIC (obvioulsy was't amiga, cbm or M$ lol) but IMHO was ZX80.. lets see.... I was the grand age of 9 years old. my father decided to get a ZX80 (little white kit built computer / cheese wedge thingy )..

and under supervision I built my first computer (also had my first, second and third soldering blister too).

But the pain was worth it for when i finnished I had a monster 1Kbyte of RAM Computer! with a FULL BASIC interpreter..

by the time I was nine and a half I was a BASIC guru (game prices and pocketmoney could never be equal!). using BASIC to poke values to memory address and build hard-coded routines and multiple subfunctions. Line numbers were virtualy a thing of the past.. infact I think it was just before my 10th Birthday that I changed from my Zx80 Kit built with Kempston interface and 16KB RamPack and Curraspeach unit to a 8 colour 48k spectrum ... ahhh such days.... the strange thing is though. even though they used exactly the same chip and interpreter it just felt slightly slower than that zx80....

By the time i was 13 ish i was already into asm and hardly ever touched basic after that.... (untill i had no choice in 1994 with Qbasic and VB1 through 3 nasty little blighters they were)


10: for F = usr "a" to usr "u": read a: poke f,a: next f
90: data 255,129,129,129,129,129,129,255

there must be some that know what that does

but today, REAL coders use C++

JAVA's nice for prototyping,
Pascal is good for posing
(I remeber those in the above school year who thought they knew it all. I out codeded them on an Acorn using BASIC... because i could! )

and finally ASM is good for boring your best mate / girlfriend (and proving howmuch a geek you are ) and since i am lazy i can never be botherd to order my created toolsets properly..

but hey... isn't programming fun?!

PS. i dont know how they did it, but microsoft took the fun outa programming

l8rs Z.
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