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Originally Posted by Bamiga2002
Dontcha do that . BlizKick is a handy piece of utility that patches and speeds up the system. I recall it was a certain patch in the blizkick command line that locked up my hard drive from booting. After i discovered what it was, it worked like a charm.

You could test the blizkick command line you have without the QUIET-option so you can see what patch is causing the booting problem.
I want to install it and run it, it doesnt do that.. ive got no idea what commands i need to put in there. Sure it does list commands, but there are so many options in that program most of which i have no idea what its talking about to put the commands in there?.

It was obviously written for those who still have an extremely sound knowledge of the Amiga, but for me now, im lost with it!. Its about as clear as mud.

If im running Blizkick on an A1200 030/50 with 16 or 32 meg of fast ram, whilst running workbench 3.0 with 3.1 kickstart roms, the what command would i need to put in there!?.

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