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Hi blade002 .

I use 3.0 ROMs and WB 3.1 on my A500 and I have a 2.5" 40Gb internal IDE drive. This is what I do:

Most of my everyday software will fit under the 4Gb barrier so I usually just boot WB 3.1 (with 3.0 ROMs) normally and don't see anything beyond 4Gb. I occasionally want to backup my partitions and to do this, I use loadmodule to load the scsi.device that I extracted out of the 3.9 update (I legally own 3.9). After loading this scsi.device (causes a double-boot), I can create and see partitions beyond the 4Gb barrier.

There are two reasons I don't always use the 3.9 scsi.device. One: no matter what you do (using WB3.9 or 3.1), loading the 3.9 scsi.device will always cause an annoying double-boot and using it only when necessary prevents lots of unnecessary double-booting. Two: mounting partitions that are not vital for everyday use (i.e. Backup partitions) uses up valuable RAM (buffers).

About the icons - I'm sure most icon replacements are available on Aminet. I usually just make my own.
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