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3.0 Workbench Help

Ok ive given up with these 3.1 roms not liking my blizzard card and ive given up spending my whole week & weekend figuring out how blizkick works and not knowing why my HD wont boot intitally, and so much other S@$T..etc.. So im going back to when it was simple and everything worked.

Need some help though ( again ). My HD is a 40 gig 2.5 Inch internal drive that of course WB 3.0 will not recongise fully. I was informed by someone a little while ago that you can a patch or something to help fix this problem in some way to use larger partitions on 3.0 .. How do i do this and what is the program called?

Also i was hoping to run 3.9 Workbench but due to the crap above ive given up, so im just wondering what icon sets are out there now for 3.0 ?.. My workbench used to look great in the 90's but im sure some better icon sets and borders have been produced since then.

I want to eventually run WHDLoad as well and its one of my main reasons for getting the A1200 going again.

Ok, thanks everyone for thier help thus far!..
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