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Originally Posted by whiteb
Windows will strip EVERYTHING that is uniqely amiga about files, thats why you did not have Icons, ICON files ger renamed to .ICO and is not valid.

This is where "View file as Name" and "View ALL files" would have shown what damage Windows did to the files.
Yeah its something i never knew till now.. as it stands right now, im going back to my 3.0 roms. Im sick to death of going through all this crap because of my blizzard card not liking 3.1 roms, and ive spent too much time with blizkick trying to figure it all out. I formatted the HD again and repartitioned it too because the HD wasnt booting from the first intial kick without loading it from disk first, and its still the same.. i tried making the partitions smaller to see if that was the cause, but nope.. same crap.
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