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Stick out tongue Big Bytes scary game was my fault

Imagine the scene,1996, a few drinks,dark ambiance, the sound of aliens on the rampage from Big Bytes headphones connected to my P75 Pc as I sit next to him using X-Copy Pro on my trusty old Amiga 1500(which I still use).There is a creek from my bedroom door. I take no notice as I know its my cat Rusty. Rusty see`s a new person to prod with his paw and AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHH. Big Byte turns into a Jump Jet. Happy times indeedy ha ha ha.

The most scarey game I have ever played would be Beyond the Forbidden Forest at the stage where you would run whilst avoiding the Worms which would eat you from the ground up. Just like the Film Tremors on the 64!

Sorry Big Byte and Rip my m8 Rusty, you will always be remembered old pal.
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