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Name of animation?

I know this is probably the wrong place because I don't even know how to classify this.

It was some years ago (after the release of win95). We had a show on television which had stuff like games reviews, movie reviews and the like. I never really got around to seeing it much but once I was watching it I saw an animation (rendered on an Amiga I think) which I'd actually like to see again. It was sort of 3D rendered (Raytracing?). I can't remember all that much except the setting and a couple of loose images. The scene is a desolate miserable city which seemed to seep with hopelessness, the fact that there were Microsoft logos all over didn't do anything to make it a more cheery place. You see a boy walking down the street hanging his head while trudging along the streets. Suddently he notices a thing on the ground and picks it up. It's a flyer for Amiga (I know this because of the Boing ball on the slip of paper and the fact that the only speech is here where the boy exclaims "Amiga" in a happy voice). Immediately of course a "MS Cop" (or something like that) tries to get the kid to put down his ray of light in the miserable world.

This is about what I remember of it but I think there was quite a bit afterwards.

Can anyone tell me who made it and if it's possible to find it anywhere on the net? I don't think it was realtime rendered though so it'd be a bit hard coming up with I'm afraid.
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