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Good one mate.....would have upped it, but the mods might have got twitchy about it.

Originally Posted by HCF
With regard to buggy, did you try True Basic under WinUAE ? I ran it under Workbench 1.2, should suffice if it was available at the time. Tried different memory configurations but no luck, just comes up with a software failure. AmigaBASIC on the other hand runs on my 1200 and WinUAE as well as any other system I tried it on. So I would be careful to say it is buggy.
Just means that AmigaBASIC was programmed according to Commodore's guidelines, which makes sense since it was licensed specifically for Workbench 1.2/1.3. Doesn't change my experiences of it being somewhat buggy and quite slow on real Amiga hardware that it was released for. Others here and Ami guys I know share my experiences.

Lots of games made in the days of Kickstart 1.x won't run under Kickstart 2.x/3.x because they didn't follow the guidelines. It doesn't mean that they're buggy since they stll run fine on the machines for which they were released for (like DOS games that won't run under Windows but will on old PC spec machines they were made for). Same goes for stuff that doesn't run under emulation. I'm sure TrueBASIC runs fine on real Amiga hardware with the approriate did for me back in the day when I dabbled with it.

The only commercial game I know that was written in AmigaBASIC was Arazok's Tomb (could be wrong).
Yep.....written using AmigaBASIC V1.2 if you run the main exec through a hex/text editor.

Was a decent adventure game I think and not PD quality. I have seen commercial games that are worse than PD games though not written in BASIC.
Not a bad game for 1987, but one of the few commercial quality Ami games coded in AmigaBASIC. You can find lots of commercial games on older platforms written in many diverse languages that are PD quality or worse. Sometimes it was down to the skill of the developers, other times the limitations of the coding languages/tools used was the major factor. There are some brilliant Ami games written using souped up versions of BASIC like Blitz Basic and AMOS (e.g. Skidmarks, Super Tennis Champs), but also some ordinary ones (e.g. Center Court Tennis, Blitz Tennis).

Anyway, I think that's my take on AmigaBASIC covered......I'm off to watch the World Cup!
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