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Originally Posted by Bamiga2002
So, tell me about your experiences with analog controllers, which one is the best? I'm going to get me one to play several games that support these kind of controllers.
I only have experience with one, which was made by Phoenix Microtechnologies (who also made the A1000 Phoenix motherboard). It works fine and doesn't require a driver.

I've never come across any others, but here are a few product reviews/info sheets of other analogue joystick adapters:

Gravis Mousestick

DigiPrint IBM Analog Joystick Interface

Amiga Smart Port

You have to be quite lucky to find analogue joystick adapters for the Amiga these days. Montek Electronics in Canada are fairly reputable and sell them for about US$10:

You could also make one using an Aminet hack:



how about a thread that contains games supporting analog controllers/sticks/whatever...?
I'll start it off for you Here are the games I know that have analogue support:

A-10 Tank Killer Version 1.5
Air Warrior
AV8B Harrier Assault
Birds of Prey
Descent: Freespace- The Great War
F-15 Strike Eagle II
F-19 Stealth Fighter
FA-18 Interceptor
Fighter Duel Pro/Pro 2
Flight of the Intruder
Flight Simulator 2
Gunship 2000
Jet Pilot
Knights of the Sky
MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix/World Circuit
MiG-29 Fulcrum
MiG-29M Super Fulcrum
Reach for the Skies
Red Baron

Hope that helps! I know it will be useful for HOL purposes

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