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Here is a mail I received from Sven Gester I while ago.

Originally Posted by Sven Gester
1) A complete hex dump of Desert Dream disk #2 shows following:
- $00000 to $33200 (track 0, sector 0 up to track 17, sector 13) --> democode (part 2)
- $33200 to $9f800 (track 17, sector 13 up to track 58, sector 0) --> amiga disk structure WITHOUT A BREAK BY ANY DEMOCODE; if you install a normal bootblock on Desert Dream disk #2 you will get an amiga dos disk named "RAM-TEST" :-) holding some standard-directories ('c', 'devs' and 's') and standard-files; the filenames of the assembler-sources we have seen were deleted from the filelist-table, i dont know, if these files can be restored or not and if they contribute to our problem ...
- $9f800 to $dc000 (track 58, sector 0 up to the end of the disk) --> democode (hidden part 1 (and 2 ??????))

This points out to the fact, that the 'hidden part 2 code' either doesnt lie anymore on Desert Dream disk #2 (we should capitulate ...) or is preloaded by any other demopart (we should hope ...).
So, if any Amiga expert could have a look, it would be great.

Also, don't miss information from this thread :
As it seems now sure the second hidden part was to be accessed thru the first hidden part; or is actually split over 2 demos.
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