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When I was investigating for this second hidden part, I forget to mention the anwser of Airwalk :
Originally Posted by Airwalk
I can't remember how to launch that "next hidden part", however I'm sure it's there coz as far as i remember I coded it. It must have been one of my very first releases as a programmer. Just think of it, ten years have past.. Those were the days..

Anyway, thank you for the flash back

Jesper Knudsen
Well, this is just to add to the confusion.

So, to summarize :
- Hidden part 1 is located on second disk of Desert Dream (accessed by booting the disk with mouse and joystick button pressed)
- Laxity thinks you get to the second part thru the first hidden part, but can't exactly remember how.
- Vention remember they included the hidden part 2 on the disc and put the trigger into the hidden part 1, but the trigger didn't work and was not fixed.
- Airwalk remember he coded hidden part 2 and is sure it's included on the disc.

Now, here is what can be read on the Kefrens first AGA Demo : "The Galemands-Intro" : (available HERE)

So, the second hidden part could actually be spread over 2 demos ?
50% on the Desert Dream disk 1
50% on the "D.A.N.E." demo (available HERE)

How the hell could you launch this hidden part, then ?

We asked Vention about this, and he said roughly:
"This piece of text must be written by someone, who thought he knew a real cool story ...
D.A.N.E. was made in a real great hurry and there was no place left on the disk for other code ..."
But if you look at the "D.A.N.E." credits, you will see ... "Code by Vention".

Still hoping for a solution.

Any help welcome.

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