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Voted A4k, as that is what I have now. Well, for the last, erm, somewhere between 7 and 10 years. Not actually been used, although I lusted after one in the early 90s.

Started with an A500 in 1988, added external drive, 1.5mb RAM, and a monitor. Upgraded to a B2000 around 1989/90. A whopping 80mb drive added courtesy of a Supra controller in '91, internal SCA II, and between 92 and 95, an ICD FFV, GVP 68030-40, GVP I/O, GG Bridgeboard, SuperAgnes, tapestreamer, CD, and a few other gizmos. Used it in anger until 1997; all of my AUI, ICPUG, and PC magazine articles were written on that machine.

Had an A1200 in 1992, but rarely used. Sold it.

Sometime in the late 90's I acquired an A4000, from a reasonably famous Amigan. It cost me a 9GB UW-SCSI drive, istr (or was it the drive and £100). Another fellow Amiga swapped the 68030 card for a 68040 daughterboard, and a rev 11 Buster. It still didn't get used much. At some stage a WarpEngine 68040 card found its way in there.... must have been around 1999, or maybe 2000. Really cant remember which house I was in

Something I'm not too glad about - I was loaned a Tower'ed A1200 with 68060 card, expander board, and other gadgets, as try-before-buy (for £100). I lost contact with the owner, never heard from him and moved a few months later. Other than booting it once, its never really been used.

A couple years ago I bought a Cyberstorm PPC/68060. Its still sat in its box. And a Picasso IV - still in the box. Heck, in 2000 I popped over to Eyetech and bought a network card and FliFi for the C64-3D. They sat in the box until 18months ago, when I got round to fitting the FliFi.. heck, was it really 6 years ago I bought, and 18months ago I fitted... oops. At same time I bought a couple of Promethous cards, an Eagle Tower, some other A4K tower (micronics?), another couple of A4K PC expansion motherboardy things, and a bunch of A1200 PC expansion boardy things, a couple Voodoo 3 and 5 gfx cards... 18 months later still not fitted, still not decided which card to go in which machine. Nor fitted the PPC... oops.

The B2000 was put on ebay. It sold within minutes. To an Australian! It cost £140 to ship it there, but when it arrived, it worked out of the box! Sadly, he mailed me a few weeks after having bought an A4K and PC. That B2000 was the bees knees, it was loaded. No spare slots at all, customised to hell.

And somewhen in 1999/2000, a brother gave me a vanilla A1200. Guess what - it is still sat in the box, unused!

Hmm, I must get the A4K up and running. I've got the time, I've got the kit, and I've got the sieve like memory that means I'll be asking which way round the floppy cable goes, as istr the drive is kaput (can you still buy Amiga FDDs?)
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