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Originally Posted by HCF
ABasic was bundled because Microsoft BASIC was not ready to ship I believe.
That vaguely rings a bell. Might have read something to that effect in one of the early U.S. Ami mags, either Amiga World or Amazing Computing/Amiga.

Again, at no point did I claim AmigaBASIC is the best BUT it was fulfilling its purpose as a BASIC interpreter for novice users who just bought the Amiga and wanted to play around.
Didn't say you did As you said, AmigaBASIC served its purpose. I still reckon it was slow and buggy for its time and there were better alternatives available to fulfill the same purpose and more.

I did find it interesting that some games actually use the interpreter to run. Thought they'd at least compile the program though I guess you could argue it was fast enough for the game.
Most of the commercial games coded in AmigaBASIC were quite rudimentary and appalling (e.g. some of the games by King Size and Courbois), with most being on par with PD. I doubt the developers/publishers were concerned about compiling times when some of the games were as bad as this.

Last but not least I was curious and even more surprised that I have True BASIC on some disk images. So I fired up WinUAE and what happens ? It
Haha....throw andreas or one of the other WinUAE wizards here a copy! I'm halfway sure they'll figure out some way of tricking it into working!!
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