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Well, went downstairs and found my 520 had no internal disk drive while the 1040 was equipped with one, guess I have the older model...Unfortunately the magazines are harder to reach than the

ABasic was bundled because Microsoft BASIC was not ready to ship I believe. Unfortunately, Commodore decided to drop BASIC but then again, they were heading in the wrong direction when compatibility went out the window and the Workbench began to look like something, just not the Amiga. Even with a hard disk the boot time increased compared to a vanilla Workbench disk. Also, at the point in time when the new systems were released (except for the 3000), computers began more mainstream and people realized that not everybody is able to program great software.

Again, at no point did I claim AmigaBASIC is the best BUT it was fulfilling its purpose as a BASIC interpreter for novice users who just bought the Amiga and wanted to play around.

I did find it interesting that some games actually use the interpreter to run. Thought they'd at least compile the program though I guess you could argue it was fast enough for the game.

Last but not least I was curious and even more surprised that I have True BASIC on some disk images. So I fired up WinUAE and what happens ? It
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