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Well I guess that depends on what importance you place on your interests.

Some people spend THOUSANDS on going to Germany to support their team.

Waste of money ?

So what if it is. It's Their thing. good on em.

Other people piss it up the wall at the local pub. Another waste of money.

So what ... It's their hobby (saddo's)

Other people spend thousands on restoring old cars to former glory.

Waste of money ?

So what ... It's their hobby

I spent £600 on an AmigaOne Mobo ..

Waste of money ?

So what .. It's my hobby

Now I find people victimising me for participating in my hobby and for enjoying using Os4 !!

Perhaps it's their hobby whinging and whining at everything they don't want to participate in ?

I guess it's certainly cheaper than ALL the above stated hobbies.


It's JUST a computer .. thats all... It wont cure starvation in the third world.. Until someone cleverer than me codes Ligandfit or Rosetta it wont even help to find a cure for cancer.

It's just a computer.

People can either join in .. or not.. Their choice.
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